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A profile to better present you to expat families
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Sahrach Crf
French tutor in AXIOM
AXIOM is a dynamic and growing company, where I liked working as a teacher for a year. Nice manager and students. I recommend this solution for your children, guaranteed results!
Louis Lebee
French & English tutor in AXIOM
I'm currently both a french and english teacher for AXIOM. I'm very satisfied and i highly recommended it ! Plus the team is very nice and makes my teaching life much easier !
Justine Déchelette
Math tutor in AXIOM
I was a math teacher for AXIOM and it has been a great experience!
Tiska Montagne
French tutor in AXIOM
Was teacher at AXIOM, good team and nice kids, was a nice experience !
Marie-Laure Mgti
Humanities tutor in AXIOM
Was a teacher at AXIOM.
Amazing team!
Bryan Oliver
English & literature tutor in AXIOM
I was an English tutor on AXIOM and highly recommend it. The platform is quick and convenient and minimizes administrative hassle.
Ena De Vill
Economics, Math and English teacher and tutor at AXIOM
I am an Economics, Math and English teacher and tutor at AXIOM. I highly recommend it as it provides the best opportunity for students and parents to gain desired knowledge, using a very efficient system where teachers, parents and students can communicate and work together easily.
Cami Prvnch
Math tutor for AXIOM
I was a math tutor for AXIOM and I highly recommend it for parents willing to get support for their kids!
David Racicot
Math tutor in AXIOM
I taught math with AXIOM for over two years. My experience was strongly positive.