Questions & answers
Frequently asked questions from teachers
First steps
How do I register?
Fill in the registration form on the main page. Send it to the administrators. After we check it, your account will be visible on the main page.
How do I edit my profile?
After you log in with your password, you will get the chance to edit or add personal information on the "profile" tab.
Searching for students
Where do I find students?
Administrators make their selection based on the student’s demands. The offers for students will appear in your teacher profile as notifications.
How do the students select a teacher?
In the selection process, the administrator considers your professional experience, the client’s demands, and comments left by your former students.
How do I organize the first lesson?
You organize your first lesson with a new student by yourself. At the same time, you can devise a personal schedule. Then you must confirm the first lesson in the "teacher" tab.
How do I contact the student?
You already have their contacts. Also, you can use the chat feature to contact the student. It is in the "teacher" tab.
Lesson organization
How is the payment decided?
The payment is fixed by the administrator according to your professional experience, the level of lessons, and how long it takes to get to the lesson.
How do I keep track of the lessons ?
The lesson database is in your teacher’s profile. Every time you finish a lesson, it must be confirmed and you must leave a report on it.
How do I determine the duration of the lessons?
All of the necessary information is in the “teacher” heading in the "calendar" tab.
How do I confirm, move or cancel a lesson?
Go to the appropriate page in "teacher-student" and get access to the lessons to confirm, move or cancel them.
How are teachers evaluated?
The teachers are evaluated by students based on the quality of lessons, teaching methods, punctuality, etc…
Account management
Where do I find the schedule for future lessons?
You can find the schedule in the "teacher" heading in the "calendar" tab.
How do I get access to my student’s profile?
You should click on your student’s name in the "lessons" tab.
Where do I find information about my payments?
In the "teacher" tab, go to the "statistics" heading.
Frequently asked questions from clients
Applying for lessons
How do I apply for lessons?
You need to fill in the application form available on the site.
What kind of information is needed in the application form?
You should fill in your contact details, and the type and level of lessons you need.
I’ve already applied for lessons - what should I do next?
An administrator is working on your application and searching for an appropriate teacher.
How do you choose the teacher?
The teacher will be chosen according to your demands and based on his teaching experience and level.
Is there a minimum number of hours I must have?
What will happen in the lessons?
The teacher and the client determine the lesson content by themselves.
How do I evaluate the teacher?
You can evaluate your teacher in the "teacher-student" heading based on the quality of his lessons, his teaching methods and his punctuality.
Account management
Why do I need an account?
You need an account to keep track of the lessons, contact the teacher and manage payments.
Where I can edit my personal information?
You can edit your personal information in the "profile" tab under the "client" heading.
How do I apply for a new lesson?
Go to the "client" heading in the "lesson" tab, and click on the appropriate button.
Where do I find the schedule?
In the "client" heading, in the "calendar" tab.
How do we set the price of a lesson?
The lesson price is fixed by the administrator depending on the teacher’s professional experience and competence, the level of the lesson he provides, and how long it takes to get to you.
How do I make a payment?
By credit card.
Is the online payment safe?
Sure! The data is sent to our bank in an encrypted SSL form. It is the most common protocol used in e-commerce systems. We don’t save your personal information on our servers. In this way, we can’t get access to your bank data. In the unlikely event of criminal activity, no one can get at your data.
Where I can find the payment form?
In the "finance" heading of your "client" tab.