Do you want to have better grades?
Axiom tutors have several years of experience tutoring International Curriculum - IB, Cambridge, French. They will help you improve your grades.
Do you want to improve your language skills or learn a new language?
Axiom brings you professional native speakers. Our diverse teachers worldwide bring their experience with diverse group of students to help you learn quickly.
The best tutors
We have been working with international students from British, American, and French schools for many years, thus giving us a firsthand experience of guiding students according to their needs.
We match our students with the best tutors who are graduates of the best universities around the world. Our team of tutors is selected through a competitive procedure that ensures quality and motivation.
Students testimonials
I took lessons with AXIOM during my years of IB. Thanks to the help of the tutors I got accepted in all the universities of my choice
– Dimitri M.
Thanks to a teaching staff available and attentive to our needs, but also thanks to motivated and persevering tutors, our son regained confidence and has had unexpected results to the end of year exams
– Maxime D.
My math level was not good. After a consultation with the AXIOM academic advisor and the establishment of a study plan, the math private lessons helped me to improve my results and to regain confidence in me
– Thibault S.
To go to study abroad I had to take the IELTS. I contacted AXIOM to find a competent teacher. In six months I was able to achieve my goals and be accepted into the university I wanted
– Alexandra T.
I contacted AXIOM because I wanted to enroll my daughter in high school French. For this it was necessary that in one year they learn the language. Mission accomplished, she was accepted!
– Julia G.
The transfer from the French system to the English system was difficult for my children. To help them adapt AXIOM I contacted to help us find a maths and an English tutors. The results were felt quickly, and my children now feel comfortable in their new school
– Marc N.
Fast & easy
Finding the best tutor with Axiom is easy. You won’t spend hours looking through reams of tutor profiles. Axiom understands your needs and will find the best tutor for you!
How does it work
3 working days:
  • Fill in the form and explain your needs.
  • AXIOM will find the best tutor and send you a proposal.
  • Lessons commence.
Variety of subjects
At AXIOM we understand the complexity of advancing in an international environment, since each curriculum is unique. That’s why our managers can advise you on any kind of course you’d like to take, from any curriculum.
  • French National Curriculum, CNED
  • IB Curriculum
  • English National Curriculum
  • – Algebra
  • – Geometry
  • – Trigonometry
  • – Analysis
  • – Pre-calculus
  • – Calculus
  • – Probability & Statistics
  • – Physical Science
  • – Earth Science
  • – Biology
  • – Chemistry
  • – Environmental Science
  • – Physics
  • – Anatomy & Physiology
social studies
  • – History
  • – Geography
  • – Civics
  • – Anthropology
  • – Economics
  • – Psychology
exam prep
  • – IB
  • – GRE
  • – A-Levels
  • – GCSE
  • – SAT
  • – Baccalaureat
  • – Brevet
  • – Entrance exams for international schools
  • English
  • Russian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • – A1/A2
  • – B1/B2
  • – C1/C2
  • – Business
  • – Law
  • – Writing
  • – Reading
  • – IELTS
  • – TOEFL
  • – TOEIC
  • – DELF
  • – DALF
Tailored to your needs
Axiom is ideal for: Who can benefit
from subject tutoring?
  • – Students who want instruction in their native language in accordance with the high standards of their home country’s academic system.
  • – Students at international schools who want extra tuition in the same language in which they are studying.
  • – Students who want instruction in a particular subject while also consolidating their knowledge of a second language.
  • – Students preparing to study abroad who wish to familiarize themselves with how the subject is taught in their future country of residence.
  • – People willing to study languages with professional native speakers.
  • – Students who want to improve their grades.
  • – Students who want to maintain their grade, but are concerned that they will fall behind without extra help.
  • – Students who are increasingly having trouble with subjects in which they were previously strong.
  • – Strong students who wish to be challenged and to further excel in their subject.
  • – Students who need help with their homework.
  • – Students who need the reinforcement that only a personal tutor can provide.
  • – Students transitioning from middle school to high school.
  • – Students who are in honors courses or who need help with Advanced Placement courses.
  • – Students who are preparing for exams.
Thanks to our unique teaching management system, teacher and students can set up online day-by-day planning and follow-up of progress and success.
Axiom also organizes and sponsors intellectual events.
Conference and seminars "Boost your Memory" with Sebastien Martinez, French memory champion.